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Extension of our Museum permanent exhibition, all of a sudden

Our Jewish Historical Museum made a small but beautiful permanent display in the building of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Serbia. This was something like an extension of the permanent exhibition that is set in the Museum. This “extension” was made by the Museum professionals, Vojislava and Barbara. The Museum friends, Mr. Raka Levi and Mr. Bojan Zoric, significantly helped in some techinal solutions.  In spite of the CoVid-19, we enjoyed in this venture.

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Voki govori, horizontal

The second promotion in the “Golden Heart”

Within humanitarian and cultural program called “The Golden Heart” which is organized by the Jewish Community of Belgrade, the second promotion of the representative photo – monograph “Jewish Historical Museum in Belgrade” was held on the 13th of June, 2019. The monograph was promoted by Mrs. Radmila Petrovic, president of the Jewish Historical Museum Board, Mr. Aleksandar Gaon, the deputy president of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Serbia and Mrs. Vojislava Radovanovic, the author and director of the Museum

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Our Museum’s permanent exhibition is closed for public visits for the time being. Researchers can come to the Museum Archives in usual terms and (please see the archives Rules published in this site). Thank you for your attention and understanding.

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publika i govornici

The book Jewish Historical Museum in Belgrade was promoted

In the Center for Studies of Cultural Development on 15th May 2019,  promotion of the second enlarged edition of photo -monograph JEWISH HISTORICAL MUSEUM IN BELGRADE was successfully held.  The book was presented by the director of the Center, Mr. Vuk Vukicevic, PhD. historian (first on the right), Mrs. Radmila Petrovic, president of the Jewish Hist. Museum Committee (second on the right), Mr. Aleksandar Gaon, deputy president of the Federation of Jewish Community of Serbia (first on the left), and […]

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The Photo – Monograph about our Museum is published

At the beginning of 2019, the second enlarged edition entitled JEWISH HISTORICAL MUSEUM IN BELGRADE by Vojislava Radovanovic, the Museum director, was published. This is representative photo – monograph in Serbian and English, supported by the Federation of Jewish Communities of Serbia, Belgrade. Promotion is planned in May in the Center for Study in Cultural Developments in Belgrade. You will be noted on time.

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Промо - говорници и публика

Promotion of monograph about the Jewish Cemetery in Belgrade

In cooperation with the Center for Study in Cultural Developments, one of the leading cultural institutions in Belgrade, on 18 December 2018, our Museum organized an extremely successful and well attended promotion of an illustrated bilingual (Serbian-English) monograph BURIAL GROUND COMPLEX OF THE JEWISH CEMETERY IN BELGRADE, by Barbara Panić, the curator of our Museum. Speakers at the promotion included the director of the Center, Vuk Vukićević, PhD; Prof. Nikola Šuica, PhD, Belgrade University; Museum director Vojislava Radovanović and monograph […]

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Kragujevac smanjeno iskoseno

The Economic High school of the Kragujevac city in our Museum

The relatively small space of the permanent exhibition of our Museum was not big enough for the great visit of students and their professors of the Economic High sholl of the Kragujevac city.  About 55 students came on December 10th, 2018, and spent few hours in our Museum divided into two groups in order to see and hear all necessary information about Jewish history, culture and customs in Serbia and ex-Yugoslavia. It was more than interesting for all of us […]

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Interesting cooperation with the State Post Office of Serbia

In cooperation with our Museum, the State Post Office of Serbia edited in November 2018, the occasional envelopes and postage stamps dedicated to the Jewish sacral architecture in Serbia. Thanks to the excellent painter and designer a very special philately edition appeared, such as the Belgrade synagogue stamp,   and the synagogue of the Novi Sad city as well as the Subotica synagogue, recently restored Also, very appreciated Serbian newspapers POLITIKA payed a great attention to this event Well done!   […]

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A little more and will become tradition

Since 2013, students and teachers of the Belgrade Fourth High School are visiting our Museum regularly, regardless of whether they want to see some occasional thematically special exhibition or to visit the permanent one.  The main organizer of these visits is prof. Jasmina Ognjenovic, teacher of Serbian language and literature. So recently, on Friday,  2nd November, about 40 students and their three teachers came to our Museum and spent almost two hours  visiting, expressing a great deal of attention and […]

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TV RAS recorded a very good show about our Museum

On the 3rd of October, 2018, one of the Serbian popular private TV stations – the RAS TV recorded a 38 minutes show about our Jewish Historical Museum. Organizer and leader of this TV show was Mr. Petar Popovic who cooperated with Ms. Vojislava Radovanovic, the Museum director.  Of course, the show is in Serbian.  If you still want to watch the show, at least to see the permanent exhibition of our Museum, here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LN9SkTBNcwA

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