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Night of Museums in our Museum

… Just this last piece of information close our report on all we carried out within the national manifestation “Museums of Serbia, ten days from 10 to 10” (see previous news).  On the last day of the great museum manifestation, on Saturday, May 21st the Night of Museums took place. Of course, faithful to the national saying “must be the spice in every soup”, our Museum also participated, and with no false modesty, it was an excellent spice. However, before […]

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Projekcija 19 maj


… We proceed with information on programs with which our Museum participated in the manifestation “Museums of Serbia, ten days from 10 to 10”.  Just to remind you: we opened one exhibition, organized a promotion of a book, and then we staged something different – a projection of all video material recorded during performances staged by the Serbian and Canadian artist of Jewish origin, Gabriella Nikolić, performances by which the artist in a very sensitive, symbolic and moving way expresses […]

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Promotion of the book “Children of Abraham“

As announced in the previous information, we continue here with presentation of the program with which our museum participated in the manifestation “Museums of Serbia, ten days from 10 to 10”. Following the opening of the “What a lovely exhibition” we turned towards a different type of program and on May 17, at 13 p.m. we staged the promotion of a book by Živana Vojinović, a journalist from Šabac, entitled “Children of Abraham”. Promotion of this great book on Šabac […]

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Between May 12 and May 21, 2016 the second great manifestation “Museums of Serbia, ten days from 10 to 10” took place in Serbia. The manifestation was officially established last year with an objective: to have the museums all around Serbia present themselves to primarily local, and consequently international visitors, completely free of charge, in the course of ten days, in accordance with their desires, thematic contents and capacities. Therefore it can be said that the greatest burden of the […]

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Organized by our Museum a new exhibition Jews of Serbia – Officers of the Royal Yugoslav Army was opened with an appropriate ceremony on December the 15th at 13:00 PM.  The exhibition opening was a real event. The number of people who attended the opening surpassed the space of our Museum, thus causing enormous enjoyment to the team which prepared the exhibition. Following the welcome address by Vojislava Radovanović, director of the  Museum, and, at the same time, author of […]

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We have already dedicated a number of information to the exhibition of the Jewish Historical Museum “Jews of Serbia in the WW I”.  However, we skipped to inform our visitors in English  for the seventh time when our exhibition visited the gallery of the Cultural Center Čukarica, Belgrade, on October the 7th 2015. The immediate reason for this cooperation with the Cultural Center Čukarica was marking of the 100th anniversary of the siege of Belgrade. Namely, in 1915, exactly in October, fierce […]

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Jews in the World War One

Follow the link to see a very short movie about the Serbian Jews in the First World War made by State Television network (RTS program 1)  

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Exhibition “Jews of Serbia in the World War I” visiting Banja Kovilјača

As we have already announced in the previously communicated news, our exhibition “Jews of Serbia in the World War I” is not yet coming home. From Lazarevac it was transported to Banja Kovilјača, directly to the local MEMORIAL GALLERY OF THE DRINA BATTLE 1914. Banja Kovilјača makes part of the town of Loznica and was rightfully, incertain social circles, at the beginning of the 20thcentury, considered a “royalSPA”, and not merely because the king of Serbia Petar I Karađorđević enjoyed reposing […]

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Exhibition “Jews of Serbia in the World War I” in Lazarevac

After the visit of our exhibition “Jews of Serbia in the World War I” to the Lajkovac Cultural Center in May 2015, on which we had earlier informed the visitors of this web site, another, fifth in a row, visit followed – this time to Lazarevac. The Library  „Dimitrije Tucović“ in Lazarevac, that is Mrs. Jasmina Ivanković, director of the Library, performed all necessary preparations and took over the exhibition from the Cultural Center  of Lajkovac. Interest of Mrs. Ivanković […]

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Our Museum as a part of the great manifestation MUSEUMS OF SERBIA – TEN DAYS FROM 10 TO 10

For the first time, this year, at the initiative of ICOM Serbia and the Association of Serbian museums, an extraordinary manifestation took place entitled “Museums of Serbia – ten days from 10 to 10”. 67 museums and similar institutions participated in the manifestation.  Naturally, our Jewish Historical Museum participated in this event. It lasted from May the 9th till May the 18th. Based on the detailed reports the participants submitted To the organizational committee, it has been estimated that 190,000 […]

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