Kragujevac smanjeno iskoseno

The Economic High school of the Kragujevac city in our Museum

The relatively small space of the permanent exhibition of our Museum was not big enough for the great visit of students and their professors of the Economic High sholl of the Kragujevac city.  About 55 students came on December 10th, 2018, and spent few hours in our Museum divided into two groups in order to see and hear all necessary information about Jewish history, culture and customs in Serbia and ex-Yugoslavia. It was more than interesting for all of us ….

Kragujevac smanjeno


Interesting cooperation with the State Post Office of Serbia

In cooperation with our Museum, the State Post Office of Serbia edited in November 2018, the occasional envelopes

KOVERAT smanjeno

and postage stamps dedicated to the Jewish sacral architecture in Serbia. Thanks to the excellent painter and designer a very special philately edition appeared, such as the Belgrade synagogue stamp,



and the synagogue of the Novi Sad city

NOVI SAD SIN smanjeno

as well as the Subotica synagogue, recently restored


Also, very appreciated Serbian newspapers POLITIKA payed a great attention to this event

POLITIKA tekst smanjeno

Well done!