Our Museum’s permanent exhibition is closed for public visits for the time being.

Researchers can come to the Museum Archives in usual terms and (please see the archives Rules published in this site).

Thank you for your attention and understanding.

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The book Jewish Historical Museum in Belgrade was promoted

In the Center for Studies of Cultural Development on 15th May 2019,  promotion of the second enlarged edition of photo -monograph JEWISH HISTORICAL MUSEUM IN BELGRADE was successfully held.  The book was presented by the director of the Center, Mr. Vuk Vukicevic, PhD. historian (first on the right), Mrs. Radmila Petrovic, president of the Jewish Hist. Museum Committee (second on the right), Mr. Aleksandar Gaon, deputy president of the Federation of Jewish Community of Serbia (first on the left), and Mrs. Vojislava Radovanovic, the author.

govornici OK 15.V 2019govornici, Aca

A lot of people came and it was a pleasure for us to see their interest.

guzva na promo, potpisivanjepublika, promopotpisivanje na promoJIM II izdanje za sajt

The promotion was followed by attractive power point  presentation consisted of 65 photos chosen to show different events that happened in our Museum – visits, the documentary projections, lectures, exhibitions, promotions …

kolege iz Zavoda pomazu na promoprojekcija na promo