The JHM has so far staged more then 70 art and study exhibitions. We will mention here only some of them:

  • Artistic processing of metal for Jewish holidays and rituals, JHM Belgrade 1974.
  • Embroidered fabrics from Jewish collections in Yugoslavia, JHM Belgrade 1978.
  • Language, script and books of Yugoslav Jews, JHM Belgrade 1979.
  • Jewish print in Yugoslavia until 1941, JHM Belgrade 1982.
  • Holiday customs of Yugoslav Jews, JHM Belgrade 1986.
  • Jews in Yugoslavia (in cooperation with the Museum of Zagreb), held in 1988 in Zagreb, in 1989 in Belgrade, and in 1990 in New York and Toronto
  • On the occasion of the significant event Sefarad 92, two simultaneous exhibitions were held – Sephardic literature, printing and publishing in Yugoslavia and The Jews from Bitola IN Photographs of Milton Manaki, The Belgrade Cultural Centre 1992.
  • The Camp on the Island of Rab, JHM Belgrade 1993. – Geca Kon – Librarian and Publisher, JHM Belgrade 1994.
  • JewishYouth Societies in Yugoslavia between 1919 – 1941, JHM Belgrade 1995.
  • Jews from Dorćol – The Story of Lost Neighbors, staged in Rex, Belgrade, 1997, with visiting exhibitions in Erfurt, Germany, 1998.
  • Jewish Customs – The Life Cycle, staged in the Duchess Ljubica Residence, Belgrade, 1998.
  • From Concentration Camps, art exhibition, Multicultural Centre Belgrade, 2003.
  • Sephardic Heritage in the Balkans within the event Esperansa 2004. This exhibition was staged in the Institute Servantes, Belgrade. – Documents of the Philatelist Judaica, Ceremonious Hall of the Jewish Community Belgrade, 2006.
  • Tree-part art exhibition cycle Sephardic Painters of Belgrade, Gallery of Institute Servantes in Belgrade, November 2006 – January 2007.
  • Federation of Jewish Communities … From the Kingdom of Yugoslavia to the Republic of Serbia, 1919 – 2009,                   Belgrade, 2009 – 2010.
  • Jerusalem, the Holly City, Photo Art exhibition, Belgrade, 2011.
  • The Musicians, Exhibitions of paintings, Belgrade, 2012.
  • Synagogue Ritual Objects – From the Jewish Historical Museum Collections,  Belgrade, 2013.