Monument to Jewish Victims of Holocaust Unveiled in Šid

The town of Šid  has not had its own Jewish community for a long time now. There is not a single Jewish family  still living there… However, Šid  has magnanimous citizens and intellectuals who did not allow for Jews of a Šid, predominantly victims of Holocaust between  1941 and  1945, to be forgotten. Our colleague, Mr. Radovan Sremac, curator – archaeologist from  Šid, launched a year ago a great undertaking to have a monument to  Jews of  Šid, victims of Holocaust, designed and made in marble.  Production of the monument was doable thanks to financial assistance of the Israeli Association of Jews from Former Yugoslavia, under the auspices of the Šid National Library, its director Slavica Varničić, and the municipal  authorities of Šid. The idea and the efforts of Radovan Sremac, as well as the assistance and understanding of the above mentioned institutions resulted with unveiling of a very nice looking monument, with a short inscription in both Serbian and Hebrew about the persons to whom it is dedicated.  A rectangular monument carried out in white marble, with a light grey, slightly inclined  marble  memorial board in which the golden coloured Star of David is placed between the Serbian and the Hebrew text, is absolutely neat and unpretentious, actually elegant.  It is placed on a plateau next to  the Šid National Library and has that fine, discreet visual attractiveness, which consequently will challenge the passer by  to come closer and actually learn  to whom and why it is dedicated.

The monument to Jews of Šid  was ceremonially unveiled on December the 17th 2014, at 12.00 a.m. in the presence of the city mayor and  the other municipal officials of Šid, director of the Šid National Library Slavica Varničić, her own and our colleague Radovan Sremac, a considerable number of citizens, as well as representatives of the Federation of the Jewish Communities of Serbia and the Jewish Historical Museum: president of the Federation Dr Ruben Fuks, , supreme rabbi of Serbia Isak Asiel, executive secretary Miroslav Grinvald,  president of the Museum Committee Radmila Petrović and the Museum director Vojislava Radovanović.

The programme of the ceremony was as the monument itself – interesting, well and professionally designed, with no other intentions except to show and ascertain to what extent all ethnic communities need to preserve and remember historical events, and people related to them, for that is our common history. This was addressed by the mayor of Šid  and by Dr Ruben Fuks who unveiled the monument. Kaddish was recited by rabbi Isak Asiel.

Finally, we feel it should be mentioned that Radovan Sremac wrote an academic paper “Jews in Šid” which is expected to be published at the beginning of 2015. With the public promotion of this monograph the above described project, which undoubtedly deserves all our praise,  will be fully completed.