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Our Museum’s exhibition is visiting the National Museum of Zrenjanin

On 17th August 2018, the exhibition “Jews of Serbia in the World War One” was solemnly opened in the National Museum of the city of Zrenjanin (the Banat region, north of Serbia).  This exhibition became very popular ever since it was opened for the first time in 2014, and this was the 15th setting. Exhibition was opened by Mr. Aleksandar Gaon, the deputy president of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Serbia and Ms. Vojislava Radovanovic, director of the Jewish Historical Museum and author of the exhibition.

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This visit was organized by Mrs. Ljiljana Popov,

Ljilja Popov, JOZrenjanin, 17.8.2018. 004

president of the Jewish Community of Zrenjanin, who also successfully organized on the same day the big commemoration of the Jewish victims of Zrenjanin who were deported to the German concentration and death camp of Sajmiste (Zemun) in August, 1941.

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Newspapers, radio and TV media paid great attention to the whole event.

Our exhibition is “coming back home” in mid-September, after the Rosh Hasana.