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THE CHOSEN in our Museum

In the scope of  a great Serbian museums manifestation by the name MUSEUMS FOR 10, 2018, our Museum staged and on 14th of May opened a beautiful art exhibition of paintings and drawings by the painter Mrs. Mirjana Dragic Lehner from Belgrade.web Lehner sama

The exhibition was called “The Chosen …”  and this was really justified having in mind that about 70 people came to our small Museum to attend the opening.  Crowd was big and we were happy.

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The exhibition was prepared by Barbara Panic, the Museum curator and Vojislava Radovanovic, the Museum director


who opened the exhibition all together with Mirjana Dragic Lehner, the painter, and Aleksandar Gaon, the vice president of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Serbia.

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We chose to keep “The Chosen” until the end of September.